Thursday, December 31, 2009

Praying Pastors Prayng More?

The Pastor's Typical Work Week

According to a survey conducted by LifeWay Research — "How Protestant Pastors Spend Their Time" — full-time senior pastors tend to work long hours. While the median number of work hours for Protestant pastors is 55, 42 percent work 60 or more hours per typical week.
Half of those surveyed spend five to 14 hours a week preparing their sermons, while nine percent spend 25 hours or more and 7 percent spend less than five hours on their sermons. In comparison, 30 percent of evangelical pastors were found to spend 20 or more hours a week in sermon preparation compared to 20 percent of mainline pastors.
More than 70 percent of pastors spend up to five hours a week in meetings; only 15 percent are in meetings 10 hours or more a week. Meanwhile, half of the senior pastors spend two to six hours on e-mail and other electronic correspondence. And nearly a quarter of the pastors put in six hours or more a week in counseling ministry; the same percentage spends an hour or less counseling others. Nearly half (48%) spend two to five hours a week in visitation.
Time with family rates as a priority for many pastors, but some find alarmingly little opportunity to be with their spouses and children. While 30 percent of the pastors report spending 20-29 hours with their families each week — and 16 percent indicate spending 40 or more hours with them weekly — almost 10 percent say they spend nine hours a week or less with family members.
More than half (52%) spend one to six hours in prayer each week; 5 percent say they spend no time at all in prayer. Fifty-two percent spend two to five hours in personal devotions unrelated to sermon preparation and 14 percent spend an hour or less in personal devotions.
The LifeWay survey was conducted via telephone on 1,002 randomly selected Protestant pastors. Click here for the complete report. [,]

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