Friday, July 10, 2009

Trouble Praying?

The Same Problems in Prayer as They
from Joe McKeever

One of the lies of the enemy is that you are different, that others are more spiritual than you and find spiritual disciplines easy.

You're the only one with these problems in prayer.

Others get up in the morning eager to spend an hour with the Lord in prayer; you're the only one who has to drag yourself over to a chair and open the Bible and force yourself to pray.

Others pray smoothly and eloquently and always know what to say; you're the only one who stumbles along haltingly as though you were just learning to speak or were trying on a foreign tongue.

Others never are plagued by doubt and offer up these magnificent sacrifices of praise and intercession that Heaven welcomes, values as jewels, and immediately rewards; you're the only person who
fights back the doubts as you pray and wonders whether the whole business is accomplishing anything.

Others see answers to their prayers as a matter of routine; you're the only one who doesn't.

Way wrong. Not so at all.

Satan is a liar and the father of lies.

The fact of the matter is that those holy people you admire a lot for their piety and resent a little for their religiosity fight the same battles you do. They encounter the same temptations, struggle with the same difficulties, and know the same doubts about prayer's effectiveness.

You're not so different.

You're definitely not fighting battles in your walk with the Lord others have not faced, or more likely, are struggling with at this very moment.

In my yesterday's reading, I came across reminders of this from two of the Christian faith's heroes, Elisabeth Elliot and C. S. Lewis.

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