Saturday, March 21, 2009

A prayer experience that equips you to lead corporate prayer



Critical Prayer for a Critical Time

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Ft. Worth, TX — August 4-6, 2009

A prayer experience that equips you to lead corporate prayer

Our nation’s economic crisis calls for pastors who can lead their people in strong prayers of faith and hope. Our hearts are burdened for another National Pastors’ Prayer Summit.

Reaching the Summit is a partnership of three national prayer ministries passionate about the need to be praying now as we never have before. For the third time International Renewal Ministries, Strategic Renewal and National Pastors’ Prayer Network will join together for a National Pastors’ Prayer Summit designed to provide pastors the life-transforming experience of a Prayer Summit, while equipping them to use this model in their own churches. Drastic times require great leadership.

This is an opportunity to obtain the skills that build corporate dependence and God-focused praying. This Prayer Summit is like no other. It combines the uniqueness of “Spirit-led, worship-fed, corporate-bred prayer” and, at the same time, provides training opportunities for reproducing it in your congregation. It is a Prayer Summit Plus! Our goal? To equip you as a leader in your local setting.

    “What would the church look like if every congregation across the country, committed to a meaningful weekend service, was also committed to a meaningful time of corporate prayer? What might happen if congregational leaders were as committed to leading their people in dynamic prayer as they are to giving them dynamic preaching? I love what is happening in congregations who are pressing forward in this kind of prayer.”

    Dennis Fuqua, Executive Director, International Renewal Ministries

    “As a Sr. Pastor, I’ve had the joy of leading my congregation in dozens of local church Prayer Summits. Summits are a powerful environment for personal revival and a core catalyst to church health. This is an urgent time to equip more pastors to lead this kind of experience in their own local church. I know of no better tool and no better time for a genuine work of renewal. I believe pastors should make this event a top priority if they are serious about real revival in their church.”

    Daniel Henderson, President, Strategic Renewal

    “More and more pastors are realizing they need to become the prayer champion of their congregation but recognize teaching and preaching on prayer is not enough. Since most of us lack the skills to lead dynamic corporate prayer, the Summit is designed as a ‘lab’ - an opportunity to experience Spirit-led praying augmented with discussion on how to implement it back home. This has the potential to transform the prayer culture of your life and ministry.”

Phil Miglioratti, Founder, National Pastors’ Prayer Network

For more info go to or call (916) 489-4774

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