Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You Praying for Your President?

Praying for the new president

Mercer Island Reporter Columnist

Last week, I watched Pastor Rick Warren and Rev. Joseph Lowery bookend the Inauguration ceremonies in prayer. As I contemplated from my living room what it would be like to be given such a unique opportunity, I realized I already knew. Well, sort of.

Several years ago, my family lived in a Chicago suburb. A state senator friend invited me to give the invocation at the Illinois capitol in Springfield. I was humbled and honored. Although the scenario paled in significance to what Pastor Warren or Rev. Lowery experienced, I felt honored. At the podium, I called on the Creator to guide the senators and to give them a sensitivity to His will as they served their constituencies.

Three months later, I walked with my senator-friend in an old-fashioned 4th of July parade. At the conclusion of the parade, Peter said that he wanted to introduce me to one of his fellow senators. “Here’s someone with as unusual a name as yours,” Peter said to the tall, 40-something black man. “Barack Obama, meet Greg Asimakoupoulos.”===>Click headline to access complete article . .

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