Monday, December 08, 2008

Pray the Kingom Prayer for the next 21 Days ...

In October Dale Schlafer preached a three week series of messages on The Kingdom of God. To end the series he asked folks, if they felt led, to place their name on a 3x5 card indicating that they would pray the prayer each day until Thanksgiving."The responses, from the people who have prayed the prayer, have been amazing and very encouraging," said Schlafer in a recent report. "We encourage you to join in making this a part of your devotions."


My God,
You have placed me in you Kingdom and today I gladly acknowledge you as my King. Take every area of my life and use it in Your Kingdom to bring glory to Your name. Lord, I believe your Word instructs me that I am to operate with Your authority & power as I live out my life in the Kingdom.

Your Word is clear. I am to walk in supernatural authority and power as did Jesus. However Lord, I ask you to increase my faith as my head knowledge far surpasses my life style, and my fear of man limits my involvement in Kingdom activity. I really want to live in Kingdom power- but I have problems believing that I can do so. Increase my faith until doubt is extinguished! Holy Spirit fill me! Holy Spirit empower me! Holy Spirit anoint me to live a Kingdom lifestyle.

As best as I know myself, I tell You today that there isn't any gift that You have for me that I don't want. If You want to use me in a way that I'm not used to, I yield myself to that. There is no place I will not go by your direction. It is my heart's desire to want to choose to follow the Holy Spirit's promptings. I declare today, on the basis of Your Word, that I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God sent to be involved in the message, the signs and the deeds of Christ's Kingdom in this region.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

Authored by Dale Schlafer

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