Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Course on Prayer for Pastoral Leaders

An interesting note from Professor Dan Crawford - - -

The first semester of the new course on prayer (which I taught online) has been completed at the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary – using Giving Ourselves to Prayer. I thought you might be interested in the final comments of the nine students enrolled:

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· “My prayer is that this class would become a required course at the Seminary and that it would be required to be taken the first year.” C.S.

· “I agree the course ought to be required. I don't think we can properly prepare people for any kind of ministry without a solid and deep understanding and practice of prayer. Prayer has become a major focus in my life, as God calls me to be a prayer warrior, and to lead others out of spiritual dryness into the glorious riches known through prayer. ” M.F.

· “Definitely in agreement here that this course ought to be required. The significant impact of this course for all ministers is too great to pass up. Thank-you so much for those final words on the video. They help 'finalize' my new definition of prayer.” C.A.

· “I'm completely grateful for this course (and agree--it should be required!) and thank God that hears our prayers and answers. This semester has been filled with answers to prayer and so I lift up praise to our Father.” B.Y.

· “I did not know how much I needed this course- to refocus my heart and mind to prayer and the importance. It was an answer to prayer which I did not know I had asked.” K.M.

· “My eyes have definitely been opened to the responsibility I have to partner with God on an individual level, a community level, a church level, a country level and a world level.” J.F.

· “Through this course my definition of prayer has become more ‘omnipresent’. I feel like I have a better global perspective on how my prayers can make an impact and the change that it brings.” C.B.

· “Thank you for all your efforts for the course of prayer.” S.O.

· “WOW! Our prayers have so much power! May we remember that!. J.P.

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