Monday, November 03, 2008

New Release Helps Pastors with Intimacy in Prayer


>>>Note: I asked Alice Smith to explain how a book on intimacy in prayer can connect with pastors (especially men in ministry) - You may be surprised at her reply!

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Alice Smith writes ...

When I wrote my first book on intimacy with Jesus, "Beyond the Veil", back in 1996 I was frankly surprised at the response I received. First, I was surprised at how many people were looking for help in how to become an "intimate" of Jesus'. Truth is, Jesus has no favorites, but He does have intimates.

Second, I was amazed at how many men, particularly pastors, bought my book, read it through, and were transformed by it's message. Today, more than a decade later, I continue to receive e-mail from pastors (particularly men) who claim that "Beyond the Veil" has been life-changing for them.

Frankly, some godly men find the issue of intimacy in prayer difficult to embrace. Sometimes because of personal issues. And sometimes because of poor public models some have witnessed. Men, you need not fear intimacy with the Master. Peter, James and John were closer to Jesus than the other disciples. John was an intimate of Jesus'. The concept of the ‘bride’ of Christ can be confusing.

When God refers to us as a bride, He means that He is married to the idea of remaking you and me into everything we are capable of being. This “I do” we say to Jesus is allowing the Lord to fulfill His kingdom potential in us.

Of course I am grateful that my first book became a bestseller, some now call it a classic book of our time on intimacy with God.

In October, my follow-up book was released. I've written "Spiritual Intimacy with God" to help readers find a deeper connection with Christ--life at a deeper level. In it, I explore topics such as:

==> Intimacy killers
==> The four seasons we will journey through in the process of intimacy
==> What we can learn about intimacy from biblical mentors
==> What gifts God gives to help us develop intimacy
==> The rewards of intimacy
==> Intimacy and the practice of prayer

Allow me to express my heart. We cannot find what we do not seek, and we will not trust what we do not know, so let's pursue God's heart together. That's right, you and me. Let's take the risk of being known and loved by Jesus--let's move joyfully into the place of spiritual intimacy and grow deeper in our love for Him.

I invite you to join me as we plumb the depths of the Lord's heart and uncover the things that have hindered us from remaining there. We'll look at our reasons for keeping Him at a distance and discover that He could never, would never, and has never forsaken us. (Heb. 13:5) This book will equip you to equip others also.

Please accept this free download of Chapter Seven, "Intimacy and The Practice of Prayer" as a gift. I encourage you to consider purchasing this book for yourself, your spouse, your church leadership team, and your intercessors.

Alice Smith

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