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Developing a Dynamic Prayer Life

Developing a Dynamic Prayer Life

“To the average Christian the command ‘pray without ceasing’ is simply a needless and impossible life of perfection. Who can do it? We can get to heaven without it. To the true believer, on the contrary, it holds out the promise of the highest happiness, of a life crowned by all the blessings that can be brought down on souls through his intercession. And as he perseveres, it becomes increasingly his highest aim upon earth, his highest joy, his highest experience of the wonderful fellowship with the holy God.”
Andrew Murray

God desires that we partner with Him in prayer. We have a dynamic role in determining the measure of the quality of our life because God opens doors of blessing when we pray. But we have to rise up in prayer and partner with Him or we will not see these blessings (James 4:2). It is wise to develop your prayer life. God seeks for those who will stand in the gap and pray (Ezekiel 22:30). The prayer room is an excellent place to develop a dynamic prayer life both personally and corporately. I have seen it happen many times. Individuals seem to leap forward in prayer in an incredible way when they catch the vision of 24/7 prayer.

Why does God love our prayers?

It seems to be a mystery, doesn’t it? Prayer and intercession draws us into intimacy and at the same time, humbles and transforms us. When we ask God in prayer, we interact with God’s heart. He loves when we verbalize our prayers. He wants us to ask in order to receive (James 4:2). He even withholds blessing if we do not ask. God will answer and be gracious to us if we pray and ask (Isaiah 30:18-19). When we pray we are in governmental partnership with Him, and we are changed on the inside as His Word abides in us. We are filled with His heart, and our effectiveness in prayer increases. We then decree God’s decrees with power from on high (Job 22:27-28). Wrong things are made right, the sick are healed, the bound in sin are freed, and revival is released in geographical areas. It’s marvelous!

God initiates prayer by declaring his will in His Word. We respond by praying His Word. Then He answers us by releasing His blessing because of our prayers. Our prayers are actually very powerful even during those days when we feel they are very weak. Prayer and intercession cause us to internalize God’s Word because when we speak His ideas back to Him, our minds are illuminated and our hearts are touched. His Words impart life as we saw in the last chapter (John 6:63). His Word builds us up and delivers us (1 Thessalonians 2:13, Hebrews 4:12, Acts 20:32, James 1:21). God’s mind then dominates and saturates ours, renewing us as we pursue Him in prayer.

I like to hear stories about Charles Finney because my husband comes from New York. Charles Finney was a lawyer from New York in the 1800’s who was greatly used in revival in that state. He soon quit his law practice and went into times of prayer and fasting. In 1857 in just eight weeks 500,000 people came to the Lord through his ministry, and 80% of them continued on with the Lord. Daniel Nash and Abel Clary were two men who believed in prayer. They would go ahead of Finney to the cities where he was going to preach, and they would cry out to God in prayer for those cities. Within three months after Nash had died Finney’s traveling ministry stopped, and he became a pastor. These amazing results were because of prayer!

In the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18:1-8, Jesus exhorts us to cry night and day. We must learn to be steadfast in prayer with great endurance. But Satan’s warfare against us is to undermine our faith by losing heart and confidence in prayer. But the Bible promises us that will reap if we do not grow weary (Galatians 6:7-9). If we look at Jesus’ disciples, their request was not to have a big ministry or great fame. They asked Him to teach them how to pray (Luke 11:1). They saw that everything that happened in Jesus’ ministry was because of His prayer life. Throughout the Bible we see that those who God used greatly were men and women of prayer.

“Christ, who in this as well as in other things is our example, spent many whole nights in prayer. His custom was to pray much. He had His habitual place to pray. Many long seasons of praying made up His history and character. Paul prayed day and night. Daniel’s three daily prayers took time away from other important interests. David’s morning, noon, and night praying was doubtless on many occasions very long and involved. While we have no specific account of the time these Bible saints spent in prayer, the indications are that they devoted much time to prayer, and on some occasions long seasons of praying were their custom.” E. M. Bounds

Action Plan for Your Prayer Time

It’s good to have an action plan in the prayer room during quieter times while listening to the worship when there is not active verbal intercession. This will help you stay focused and engaged. It will keep your mind from wandering. Realize that you are speaking to a real Person who loves you. Be attentive, and focus your mind on the Father who sits on His throne (Revelation 4). As people pray in the prayer room, listen and pray with them. Let’s look at some ways we can develop a dynamic prayer life in the prayer room.

  • Have a personal Bible plan - Daily read several chapters in the Bible or whole books of the Bible. There are several Bible plans. Find one that is helpful for you.

  • Pray the Bible - Pray the apostolic prayers and other biblical prayers. Pray phrases of what others are praying in the prayer room.

  • Have a prayer list for others - Include specific places (cities, nations) and people (friends, ministries, unsaved, governmental authorities, etc.).

  • Pray for strategic social issues - Pray about current disasters, and social crises. Pray regarding the issues of abortion and homosexuality, etc.

  • Have a personal prayer list - Pray for your personal circumstances such as your physical, financial, and relational situation.

Pray for your own heart (intimacy, fear of God, purity, speech, a spirit of prayer, etc.)
Pray for your mind (your understanding of God’s purposes, a spirit of revelation of God’s emotions, will for your life, and end-time purposes).
Pray for your ministry (anointed hands and words, contending for God’s purposes, authority and conviction in your words, insight into the secrets of God’s heart, fruitfulness).

  • Pray for wisdom - Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer, says to pray for the following:“Revelation of God’s personality and Word with wisdom to walk out the practicality of love and humility (Ephesians 1:17).

Knowledge of God’s love for me (Ephesians 3:17-19, 1 John 3:1).
Revelation of God’s will for my life (Colossians 1:9).
Revelation of God’s End-Time purposes (Daniel 11:35, 12:10).
Reveal to me eternity (Psalm 39:4-6, 90:12), the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21), the Judgment Seat (1Corinthains 3:11-15), the resurrected body (1 Corinthians 15) and hell (Revelation 20:11-15).”

Houses of Prayer will help us develop dynamic prayer lives. The prayer room strengthens our prayer life. When we draw near to God in the House of Prayer, he will draw near to us (James 4:8). In the prayer room we get to know God’s love for us in a deeper way. We grow in confidence that God loves us and discover His heart for us. We then turn away from sin, and we comes to the realization that “I am my beloved’s, and His desire is for me” (Song of Solomon 7:10). The devil can’t get us with his accusations and condemnations (Revelation 12:10). In the prayer room we delight in God and His Words and He delivers us (Romans 7:22-25). He washes us with His Word

God’s end-time strategy is day and night prayer. God is calling us to believe and develop a radical prayer life. His end-time prayer movement will be full of the Spirit and the Word of God. Our prayers will not be vague and without life. As you come to Him in prayer, picture what God wants to do in and through your life. Picture with the eyes of faith what He wants to do in your city. Picture the answer in your mind, and pray towards that vision. Your prayers will influence those around you in a powerful way. Developing a dynamic prayer life is the wisest thing we can do with our life. Nothing will happen without it.

24/7 Prayer Arise News

  • New Book: If you would like to purchase my new book called Intercessors Arise: Personal Prayer that Changes the World, click on the headlinet. This book has 33 motivational teachings about prayer to help you develop a dynamic prayer life.

  • 24/7 Prayer Arise is working again - Over the last several months I have had many problems with my computer and sending these network letter out. Please forgive this long delay. Now we are back in operation.

  • 24/7 Prayer Arise: Releasing the Power of 24/7 Prayer in Your City - Please pray as I finish writing a book on 24/7 prayer. This book will include a DVD showing how God is developing 24/7 prayer throughout the world. It will be in 7 languages. Graham Power, founder of the Global Day of Prayer, will be writing the foreword. Please pray for God’s help, creativity, and anointing and for favor with the right publisher.

“They may start from different points, and travel by different roads, but they converge to one point: they are one in prayer. To them God is the center of attraction, and prayer is the path that leads to God. These men (and women) do not pray occasionally - not a little or at odd times. But they pray in such a way that their prayers enter into and shape their very character. They pray so as to affect their own lives and the lives of others, and to cause the history of the church to influence the current of the times. They spend much time in prayer, not because they watch the shadow of the dial or the hands on the clock, but because it is to them so momentous and engaging a business that they can scarcely quit.” E. M. Bounds

Together in the Harvest,

Debbie Przybylski, Intercessors Arise

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Preparing Leaders for Reflection and Prayer Days and Short Retreat

Preparing Leaders for Reflection and Prayer Days and Short Retreats
Preparing Leaders for Reflection and Prayer Days and Short Retreats

Dr. Evelyn Davis, International Training Consultant (with others assisting), will train participants how to facilitate half or full days of reflection and prayer, and short retreats, May 13-22, 2009 at White Oak Conference Center in Winnsboro, SC (not far from our JAARS location in Waxhaw).

The reflection and prayer topics are: A Spiritual Inventory and Spiritual Markers ; Personal Worship; Finding A Rhythm of Rest ; Life Tasks : Strength for the Journey ; Our Time of Need; Prayer Areas and Issues; and The Servant Leader . The two retreat topics are: Life Pa ssages and the Missionary Experience and New Testament Images of Adult Growth and Change.

The total cost for accommodations, meals, and the basic books and materials is $675 .

The detailed information, with an application form, is below. Please consider sending one or more persons from your branch or entity, and pass the information on to anyone that you think might be interested. Please note that partial scholarships are available if needed .

For the detailed information, and an application form, contact
===>Click headline to access complete brochure . . .

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New Release Helps Pastors with Intimacy in Prayer


>>>Note: I asked Alice Smith to explain how a book on intimacy in prayer can connect with pastors (especially men in ministry) - You may be surprised at her reply!

===>Click headline to access information on how to order this book . .

===>Click here to read a sample chapter from her new book - Intimacy & the Practice of Prayer

Alice Smith writes ...

When I wrote my first book on intimacy with Jesus, "Beyond the Veil", back in 1996 I was frankly surprised at the response I received. First, I was surprised at how many people were looking for help in how to become an "intimate" of Jesus'. Truth is, Jesus has no favorites, but He does have intimates.

Second, I was amazed at how many men, particularly pastors, bought my book, read it through, and were transformed by it's message. Today, more than a decade later, I continue to receive e-mail from pastors (particularly men) who claim that "Beyond the Veil" has been life-changing for them.

Frankly, some godly men find the issue of intimacy in prayer difficult to embrace. Sometimes because of personal issues. And sometimes because of poor public models some have witnessed. Men, you need not fear intimacy with the Master. Peter, James and John were closer to Jesus than the other disciples. John was an intimate of Jesus'. The concept of the ‘bride’ of Christ can be confusing.

When God refers to us as a bride, He means that He is married to the idea of remaking you and me into everything we are capable of being. This “I do” we say to Jesus is allowing the Lord to fulfill His kingdom potential in us.

Of course I am grateful that my first book became a bestseller, some now call it a classic book of our time on intimacy with God.

In October, my follow-up book was released. I've written "Spiritual Intimacy with God" to help readers find a deeper connection with Christ--life at a deeper level. In it, I explore topics such as:

==> Intimacy killers
==> The four seasons we will journey through in the process of intimacy
==> What we can learn about intimacy from biblical mentors
==> What gifts God gives to help us develop intimacy
==> The rewards of intimacy
==> Intimacy and the practice of prayer

Allow me to express my heart. We cannot find what we do not seek, and we will not trust what we do not know, so let's pursue God's heart together. That's right, you and me. Let's take the risk of being known and loved by Jesus--let's move joyfully into the place of spiritual intimacy and grow deeper in our love for Him.

I invite you to join me as we plumb the depths of the Lord's heart and uncover the things that have hindered us from remaining there. We'll look at our reasons for keeping Him at a distance and discover that He could never, would never, and has never forsaken us. (Heb. 13:5) This book will equip you to equip others also.

Please accept this free download of Chapter Seven, "Intimacy and The Practice of Prayer" as a gift. I encourage you to consider purchasing this book for yourself, your spouse, your church leadership team, and your intercessors.

Alice Smith

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