Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Secret to Finishing Strong

1966-JANUARY 24-JOURNAL ENTRY~ There is no more rewarding experience in all of life than to stimulate men to new and fresh insight in their present surroundings and circumstances; I had the joy and privilege of presenting the lecture on devotional reading this morning to the City Evangelical Ministers Meeting. There was only a 30 minute slot available but I believe the Lord made the most of it.

It was not long before the men were on the edges of their chairs hurriedly taking notes and looking at God’s Word in new light. My main thought was simply, “I believe the ministry is the greatest calling in the world, thus we must give it our best by first feeding our own souls on the Word. Then we will be ready to feed those who come to listen and respond. We read, meditate and pray over what the Spirit says in the Word. We must read prayerfully for our own soul’s sake before we go sermon hunting.”

2008-OCTOBER 21-REFLECTION~Richard Foster from Life With God, “…the Church in the west is very much like those roses (a bouquet on his table) still some blossom showing but wilting because it has been severed from its roots. Prayer is the root system. And it is a life of prayer that needs to be reestablished in our lives. What we so desperately need today is not individualized prayer experiences that we can turn on or off at will like a faucet, but prayer as a constantly flowing life.”

One recent estimate reveals only 1 in 10 pastors are finishing strong. When asked how we have come through the past five plus decades, my answer is simply, our family and friends pray for us.” To our readers who are not pastors, may we remind you this October to intercede daily for your spiritual leaders, especially your pastor and wife. James reminds us, “The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.”

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