Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pray for a Praying Pastor

For several years, I've shared a few things with you, mostly about job hunting, the situation at the church I'm pastoring, and on really good days, for revival at the church.

Yet, there's one more thing I feel led to share with you.

The Lord called me to the ministry in 1992, and in that week-long encounter with Him, He led me to Jeremiah 1.5, "'...for I have appointed you as a prophet to the nations.'"

This call and the verse have been sounding loudly throughout my mind the past six to seven months. The itch to preach and the urge to fulfil this call are getting louder and stronger.

Yes, I know clearly that the Lord's timing is perfect and He will fulfill these things in His time--no doubt.

Yet I would like to ask you to send out this note in a prayer request. I feel the tug on my heart to seek to preach overseas. I have several legitimate contacts with pastors of churches in Japan and in India. Would you pray with me that the Lord will raise up people to support a preaching tour, to preach the Gospel in Africa, India and of course, the nation to which the Lord has given me a very special calling, Japan?

Thanks for your prayers and support for the past seven years. There are a few moments when reading some of the testimonies on your site were among the few positive things I was receiving.

Thanks again.
Sincerely in Christ,
Rev. Michael Carl

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1 comment:

CarolG said...

Dear Pastor: I can empathize with you. I know that the Lord catches me offguard when He has an assignment and when I can spend time alone w/ some specific questions set before me in workbook fashion and search for Scripture that might lead to the understanding of the questions, I hear His voice. The need for you here, there, everywhere is so important right now. We are about to vote in to office what will undoubtedly be the most important President of my generation (54 y.o.) Wherever you spread and sow might never have been more critical. I'm not a pastor, but I am the founder(followed His had) of our prayer ministry, act as the Prayer Team Steward, preach on a rotational basis and am a retreat facilitator...also a phriend of Phil! God Bless...if you have any prayer requests our prayer team (St. Philip Lutheran Church, Glenview (ELCA)...we will be happy to serve you, prayers for your future, your family, discernment, etc. In His Grace: Carol Grosz