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Inner~View #49: The "Revisioned" 29:59 Plan

The "Revisioned" 29:59 Plan Released!

Praying Pastor ~ interviewed Daniel Henderson ... Daniel how did you become involved with Peter Lord, the original designer of this resource?

Daniel Henderson ~ An elder in my church suggested I contact Peter Lord. This man had been greatly helped in his prayer life by The 29:59 Plan, especially as a follow-up tool after the Prayer Summit experience. Not knowing if Pastor Lord had any plans for future distribution of this powerful prayer tool, we agreed that it would be worth a phone call.

In a subsequent meeting with Pastor Lord, he indicated that he had been praying for the right ministry to come along with the same heart as his own to take the 29:59 to a new generation. He felt we were the answer to his prayer. He was an answer to ours as well.

Praying Pastor ~ The original version has been revised several times and sold over 600,000 copies since 1976. This edition is "revisioned" - What does that mean and how is it different?

Daniel Henderson ~ We have maintained all the basic content of the original version with the same daily tabs and intercessory focal points. We reorganized his teaching on prayer to fit the “4/4 pattern of prayer” that I introduce in my books, Fresh Encounters and PRAYzing!(NavPress). We added some inspirational prayer quotes and, of course, gave it a whole new look.

Praying Pastor ~ Describe the focus and format of the 29:59 Plan...

Daniel Henderson ~ Peter Lord designed this three-ring binder prayer guide to help the people of his church spend 30 minutes a day in balanced, biblical prayer. However he did not want the 30-minute time suggestion to be legalistic, so he called it the 29:59 (one second short of 30-minutes). It is a clever name.

The prayer guide provides a worship-based approach with many tools for extensive intercession on a variety of vital subjects. The front part of the book includes basic instruction on how to use the guide, teaching on prayer and a guide to praying the scriptures. Then, the 8 tabs (one as a daily tab and the others representing the seven days of the week) provide powerful scripture-based prayers with sheets for interceding on a variety of issues each day. The tabs and sheets can be moved around because of the 3-ring format. It is very versatile but very practical.

Praying Pastor ~ This resources is valuable for any Christian but talk to us about how it can be strategically beneficial in the life of a pastor...

Daniel Henderson ~ Of course, the tool is vital in helping a pastor maintain a biblical, balanced personal prayer experience. Additionally, it will benefit the pastor because it provides strong encouragement for people to pray for church leaders. If a pastor can distribute the plan widely within his congregation he will also have his people praying in unity on the same issues every day. This is a great blessing.

Praying Pastor ~ Explain the four "strokes" of praying and does the sequence make a difference?

Daniel Henderson ~ The “4/4” pattern as a simple, powerful and memorable approach to using the pattern Jesus gave in his landmark prayer instructions in Matthew 6:9-13. It is very similar to the 4/4 time in music.

  • The Upward Stroke is a focus on “Reverence” (worship) in keeping with the instruction “Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be Your name.”
  • The Downward Stroke is an emphasis on “Response” (surrender) in line with the phrase “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
  • The Inward Stroke represents our “Requests” as we consider what it means to say, “Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” This involves trusting the Lord in the areas of resources and relationships.
  • Your browser may not support display of this image.The Outward Stroke represents “Readiness” for the spiritual battles of everyday life in keeping with the idea, “and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

Praying Pastor ~ Along with the explanation of this method of praying, the book is divided into daily sections with many journal pages. What should the user expect to see aside from space to write their prayers?

Daniel Henderson ~ The daily divider tabs are probably my favorite part of the 29:59. Peter Lord did a wonderful job in creating scriptural prayers of worship to kick-start the daily prayer time. Then the balanced approach of the areas of intercession is so powerful. Obviously, we are encouraged to pray for personal needs, family members, our church, fellow believers and our nation. But, we are also challenged to pray for things like our enemies, missionaries, the peace of Jerusalem and suffering Christians around the world. I have loved the urging to keep a comprehensive and balanced prayer strategy based on the scriptural promptings to do so.

Praying Pastor ~ Praying Scripture is a large section of the guide book - Why is that so vital and is there a one-size-fits-all approach to praying scripture?

Daniel Henderson ~ I believe the best way to talk to God is in His own words. Not only does the 29:59 offer a regular array of scriptural prayers, but the user is shown how to create their own scripture-based prayer time from the Psalms, using the 4/4/ pattern. This provides a lot of inspiration and many choices.

Praying Pastor ~ Aside from their personal use of the 29:59 Plan, how can a pastor implement this resource into their congregation?

Daniel Henderson ~

  • I think a pastor would be wise to get this tool into the hands of as many people in his church as possible, allowing them to grow in their prayer lives – but also helping them pray in powerful agreement based on the daily themes of the 29:59. This would bring great blessing to the church. As the New Year approaches, it is an ideal time to get this into the church.
  • Intercessors, prayer coordinators and church leaders will find that this tool brings a fresh depth and balance to their prayers. It is easy to get stuck in a rut – or only focus on those areas that are naturally interesting to us. This tool broadens our focus and keeps us well-rounded in our intercession.
  • Pastors' Prayer Groups could also benefit by praying in agreement by using the tool daily in praying for their people, one another and their city.

Praying Pastor ~ Daniel, please write a prayer for every pastor or praying person who senses the Spirit prompting them to investigate this resource...

Daniel Henderson ~
Father, we confess that we are so good at talking about prayer – but often fall short in actually practicing this wonderful spiritual discipline. As pastors we are skilled at telling our people to pray –but often fall short in providing the tools that actually show them how to do it. I pray that you will allow this wonderful, classic guide to be used in increasing the prayer level in our churches. Teach our people to pray in systematic and strategic ways. Bless Pastor Peter Lord in his retirement years with the joy of knowing that his legacy of teaching prayer will continue for many years to come. Use this tool to ignite fresh vision for seeking your face and experiencing the power of your hand of blessing and provision. Because of Christ, and in His name, I pray . . . AMEN.

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