Sunday, August 03, 2008

Why God "Enforces" Prayer

Beth Moore, in her book Praying God's Word, writes...

"I am utterly convinced that the two major weapons with divine power in our [spiritual] warfare are the Word of God and Spirit-empowered prayer...The primary strength we have in warfare is godliness, which is achieved only through intimacy with God; therefore, God will undoubtedly enforce prayer as one of the weapons in our warfare because His chief objective is to keep us entirely connected to Him. We will never win any spiritual battle without prayer, but when the heat of battle has momentarily cooled, the plunder from the battle is a far greater intimacy with God. Prayer is not the means to an end. In so many ways, it is the end itself."

King David said in PSALM 73, "The nearness of God is my good." And the original Living Bible Paraphrase ends that song with David declaring, "I get as close to Him as I can!"

Found in an emessage from colleague
Cleatus Blackmon

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