Friday, July 04, 2008

On Prayer Mountain ... or, in Prayer Valley?

Have you ever noticed in the life of Jesus that mountain revelations were often followed by valley applications? No sooner had Jesus ended his spectacular sermon on the mount than, coming down, He was confronted by a leper (Matthew 8:1). Truth taught on the mountain, had to be applied. Later, the almost unbelievable experience of transfiguration, complete with the re-appearance of Moses and Elijah, was met on the down-side of another mountain, this time with a man crying for Jesus to help his son who was an epileptic (Matthew 17:15).

The unique glory which had shown in the face of Jesus on the mountain now had to be applied to the daily hurt of the valley. Yet again, Jesus stood on an appointed mountain and delivered what we have labeled, "the great commission" (Matthew 28:19-20). But wait! Just as I was about to make an application, the Gospel of Matthew ended. What did Jesus do to apply His commission? Oh, He left the application to His disciples, you say? You mean we are the ones who are responsible for applying His mountain words - going, making disciples, baptizing, teaching, etc.? Bummer, just when I was enjoying the solitude of mountain revelations. Truth revealed on the mountain, can never camp out there for long. Calls from the valley hurry us downward.

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