Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can those who talk for, also talk with?

What we Teach and How we Pray

Having spent more than half of my vocational ministry in theological education, it has always been a wonder to me why we spend so much time teaching would-be ministers how to talk for God and how little time we spend teaching them how to talk with God. We teach them much of how to relate to people on behalf of God but not so much on how to relate to God on behalf of people.

Please don’t misunderstand, most of what we teach is crucial and necessary for their ministerial development, but we have sometimes created or at least encouraged the development of ministers who lead from their own strength and knowledge. A few even minister so frequently for God without communicating with God, that they begin to think they are God. Then they discover that it is often easier to be God than it is to communicate with God.

All of this caused a few of America’s National Prayer Committee members to ask me to head a task force that would promote the teaching of prayer in theological education. Among other initiatives, I compiled a resource book for those who teach prayer in, but not exclusive to, theological education. Eighty chapters written by eighty different authors, entitled, Giving Ourselves to Prayer, from Acts 6:4, and the book is being released this month by PrayerShop Publishing of Terre Haute, Indiana. If you are interested, you can order a copy direct from http://www.prayershop.org or ask your local Christian bookstore to order it for you from PrayerShop Publishing. Interested in a copy or not, please join me this week in making it a matter of prayer for the ministers you know – that, even for the real prayer warriors, communication with God would become an increasing priority and blessing in their lives.

Also, join me in prayer this week for the following global concerns:

• For the annual Central and Eastern European Missionary Kid Retreat in Budapest, Hungary.
• Missionary friends from Germany as they take much needed vacation time in Atlanta.
• Preparations for the Summer Olympic Games ministry in Beijing, China beginning August 8.
• For Suzanne, a Chaplain at the University of British Columbia as she prepares for the fall semester.

Enjoy and may reflecting on these thoughts help get your week off to a great start!

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Monday morning blessings,

Dr. Dan Crawford
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