Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Surprised by Reasons for Stubborn Sin

Why Can't I Shake My Sins?
A surprising answer to a stubborn problem.
by Kevin A. Miller

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Why Can't I Shake My Sins?

A man came to see me. It was the beginning of Lent, the original "40 Days of Purposeful Repentance."

"Pastor," he said, "I want to confess my sins." And in tears, he spoke honestly and openly about the sin in his life—nothing illegal, most known only to him, yet serious, and he wanted to turn away from it. We talked and prayed together, and he left.

Forty days later, he came back.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"I haven't made much progress," he admitted, his eyes unable to meet mine.

In his agony was a question I've often asked: "Why does sin so stubbornly remain in our lives?" He and I both want to change more than we have and more than we do.

I've heard many answers, ranging from "You just haven't gotten serious enough about turning away from your sin" to "You need an experience of greater or entire sanctification" to "You need an accountability partner" to "You need to let go and let God." All helpful, to a point, but they didn't seem to fit this man hunched over in front of me.

So I read several classic books of spiritual devotion. Their answer was not what I expected; in fact, it was the opposite.===>Click headline to access complete article . . .

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darla said...

I want to read your article, but it won't connect..I have been battling with a sin that is not even called out as such but to me it is by not allowing Jesus to be more than the sin to me..would you send me the link for the article? jcb4uorme@yahoo.com

pastorgregory said...

So the struggle is the thing that strengthens humility. To win and be done with that struggle is to invite conceit in my own power, which denies the power of God. To give in and go on sinning, and in that way to be done with that struggle, is to admit defeat, which again denies the power of God.

Joanie said...

Sometimes there are strongholds of the enemy that have to be dealt with.False mindsets that have to go,keeping the door open to the enemy.We must walk in continual forgiveness and love with God,others,and ourselves.The enemy will use any open door he can find.He's an equal opportunity accuser.It's vital to keep our mind renewed by the word,and that the word is alive in us because of relationship with Jesus.He's right there to help us with any temptation.We must stay built up in the Spirit so thats what were led by.If were built up in the
flesh,and just head knowledge,even Spiritual,that is what will be taking the lead.I know His promises are true,and "He who the son sets free is free indeed."The big key is staying so close to Him,and He will lead and guide creatively, like only HE can.That promise is "FREE", with no question mark.Do everything,and make any sacrifice to be in His presence for HE IS LIFE.He's not just giving you a message.Jesus is the message.In His presence is the only place to be,and you will be free.....He'll show you.I pray a revelation of His radical Love be poured over you.The fullness of the cross,and how he died for everything we'd ever go through,and He's crazy about you.HE wants you to know that you're so loved,and when you know that you're loved you're not afraid to do anything,and thats what He wants you to know,and in His love is all His delivering power from any demon or bad situation.He wants you to know His love so you can live in it,in
HIM in Jesus,the most precious,sweetest,most powerful wondrous name I pray.