Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Commune Deeper

Ten Ways to Deepen Communion With God

Note >>> Taken from Doug Small's Prayer Letter ===>Click headline to access his blog . . .

Here are ten ways to deepen your communion with God:
1: Sit quietly. Enjoy the very real sense of His presence. Let him lead. Don't rush the moment. Let his peace renew your soul.

2: Listen. Listen deeply. Tune your soul to His stillness. Listen to the rumblings of your own soul, and let God quiet your inner storms. Be still before Him. "God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer." ~Mother Teresa.

3: Yield to God's action. Let him come near. Let him move around you, encircling you. Put yourself in a "Here am I!" position.

4: Let God speak. Avoid the temptation to break a holy silence. He may speak through scripture, through a life-experience, through the memory of some history you share with Him. Listen for any word the Spirit might bring.

5: Keep a prayer journal. Record you impressions and thoughts. Note scripture references. Write down promises you make to God and those you sensing him making to you. Make notes of action items - things you are led to do; and change points - things you are led to change.

6:The essence of the prayer relationship is love. Let God love you. And then, express your love to Him. Let Him lead with love. Let Him love first.

7: Take a walk. Drop everything. Go and get alone with God. Or, take a drive. No agenda. No list. Just a spontaneous encounter with God.

8: Then go to your secret place. Get your journal. Write. Record the fresh insights.

9: Sometimes you may find yourself at a parallel to some moment in Scripture. What is happening to you has happened to David or Paul, or some other Biblical character. Let the Bible give you language that expresses the depth of these encounters with God. The Psalms are especially helpful in cultivating our prayer vocabulary. Athanasius, the fourth-century Egyptian theologian said, "Scripture speaks to us; the Psalms speaks for us."[1]

10: Sing. Shout joyfully. Dance. Celebrate his presence. Glorify him. Give voice to the deep sense of his presence. Be spontaneous. Be grateful to and for a God who pursues you.
Weep. Weep deeply over the wonderful grace of his embrace. Tears have a way of cleansing the soul. Weep joyfully. Weep over the wonder of why he loves you so.

[1] Quoted by Eugene Peterson, "Praying by the Book," The Contemporaries Meet The Classics on Prayer, ed. Leonard Allen (West Monroe, LA: Howard Publishing, 2003) 53.

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