Thursday, December 27, 2007

Start Great in '08

Imagine for a minute... What would happen to the church in North America if the 40% of pastors who thought about leaving their pastorates in the past three months actually quit!1 More than 1600 will this month (and do every month) in the United States.2

They leave from exhaustion, discouragement, conflict and disconnection from God and others.

At Pastors Retreat Network our vision is to glorify God and build His kingdom by strengthening Christian pastors for better ministry to the people they lead.

In 2007, we had to turn away at least 45 pastors due to lack of space. Please help us expand our ministry reach in 2008 so that this never happens again.

Why? This note from a member of a church whose minister visited Pastors Retreat Network a few weeks ago, illustrates the far-reaching effects that a retreat plays in the life of clergy and their churches.

Korby preached yesterday in our church for the first time in three months, and there was a remarkable difference in him... What was the most noticeable was the presence of the Holy Spirit...The work you are doing is being felt in the pulpits and the pews of our churches. So THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOUR EVERY EFFORT ~ B. McNair, Fort Worth TX

Please don’t let this year end without helping keep the ministry to pastors alive and well. Be part of building God's kingdom and keeping the church strong. Every gift matters!

Will you help Pastors Retreat Network finish 2007 strong? To send us a gift of any size, simply click here.

Thank you for your consideration! We’re so very, very grateful!

Scott Papador Executive Director

1 Pastors at Risk, H.B. London, Jr. & Neil B. Wiseman, Victor Books, 1993, page 35.
Focus on the Family Center for Pastoral Care

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