Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pastors Retreat Network

Pastors Retreat Network’s 10th Anniversary is a time to celebrate all that God has accomplished through this ministry to date. And we invite you to join in the celebration at our online Virtual Reunion. Click here to share your most meaningful retreat memories—and be blessed by those of others.

As we look back with gratitude, we’re also looking forward with excitement! Four recent developments give a hint of the growth and fruit that lie ahead:

New Board Members
Pastors Retreat Network cherishes the wise counsel of our Board members. And two more outstanding leaders have just “come on Board”—Eric Halvorson, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Salem Communications Corporation, and Ken Blackwell, the Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow at the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy and an editor and columnist for

Ambassadors Program
Would you be willing to tell a few friends what Pastors Retreat Network has meant to your life and ministry? Our new Ambassadors Program makes doing so easier than ever.

Success Stories
Every week, Pastors Retreat Network is changing lives and hearts. Two new “success stories” give a very personal perspective on why we do what we do:

In A Ship Righted,” campus pastor Jim Musser shares how his first retreat renewed real intimacy with the Lord and helped him to chart some unknown waters.

In Ministering to Ministers,” Board Member Tom Wilson tells why he cares so deeply about the hearts of pastors—and why he is so grateful for the work of Pastors Retreat Network.

2008 Dates Now Available
Is a 2008 retreat in your future? Available dates for all three retreat centers are now posted on the Pastors Retreat Network Web site. To request an invitation, click here.

Yes, Pastors Retreat Network has a terrific 10-year history. And our greatest days are yet to come. Thanks for being a special friend of this ministry!

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