Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Three Hours a Day?


Dee Duke's article on three-hours-a-day praying still makes me scratch my head. How does he do it? Read it and see what you think. ===>Click headline to access article . . .


Eric Reed
Leadership managing editor
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Why Do We Struggle in Our Personal Prayer Lives?

You and Your Personal Prayer Life

Pastor, as I prepared to preach a sermon on prayer last week, I got out two resources that have shaped my prayer life. The first was T.W. Hunt and Katherine Walker's Disciple's Prayer Life. This in-depth 13-week study would be the perfect daily study and prayer guide for you personally for the next three months. I am going through it for the fourth time and am amazed at how fresh it is. I got permission to post a 22-page sample including the introduction, first complete week of daily studies, and one of the twelve prayer guides.

The other study shaped how I pray with others. It is T.W. Hunt and Claude King's "In God's Presence." The cool thing is that this study has been revised and is now part of our "Growing Disciples Series." The new study called Pray in Faith just released this month and I've posted a 17-page sample including the introduction and week one. I personally led this study when I first got to the church that I served before coming to LifeWay. It established a biblical pattern for group prayer for the nine years I served there.

Blessings on your prayer life,

Craig Webb, Editor
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Pastor, why do we struggle with prayer?

Do you have another moment, pastor? I was talking with Claude King about these prayer resources and he shared something with me. He said, "Craig, I fear that the struggle that many pastors have with their personal prayer life is that they, like many of their church members, had earthly fathers that make it difficult to desire intimate fellowship with their Heavenly Father." He also said, "Often when I'm teaching around the country on prayer or intimacy with God, I'll take the time to discuss this issue with the group and invite them to a time to seek healing from these wounds."

Claude suggested that you take a "no-agenda" thirty minute walk with your Heavenly Father and allow Him to minister to you in the ways He knows you need it.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Celtic Prayer for Praying Pastors


Early in the morning, I wait on You, O Lord;

Day by day I toil for You, O Lord;

At the bright noon day I recollect You, O Lord;

In talk and recreation, I enjoy You, O Lord;

In study and prayer I learn of You, O Lord;

At nightfall and in sleep I rest in You, O Lord.

Celtic prayer submitted by Bob Yawberg

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Prayer that Crosses Racial Barriers



Prayer, heartfelt and unhindered, crosses many barriers, including the racial chasm in the church. Many years ago, a black man and his wife were called to Ft Wayne, Indiana to start an inner city ministry. Having recently moved from a rural community, my experience with other races was limited. This was about to change.

Soon after Sam Winger’s arrival we stood on a downtown street corner praying for one another. Sam began, “Lord, if someone talks about Bob, they are talkin about Sam.” And, I prayed likewise, “Lord if someone is talking about Sam they are talking about Bob.” At the time neither of us realized where that prayer would take us. Three years later, a fellow pastor came to Sam making accusations against me. Sam simply asked, “Have you talked to Bob?” There was hesitation, “Well no.” My new found brother in Christ said to him, I have nothing to say until you talk to Bob and get your answer from him. We experienced a modern day answer to Christ’s prayer for reconciliation. that they may all be one….that the world would believe that Thou didst send me.”-John 17

Another time our congregation cried out to the Lord on behalf of a broken and needy inner city church. Their pastor shot and killed his wife, then turned the gun on himself taking his own life. We read the tragic story in our local paper. The following Sunday I led our body in prayer, asking the Lord’s healing upon this grieving people. We also prayed for them to find a new pastor. After prayer, our people wrote personal prayer messages (Prayer-A-Grams) to our brothers and sisters in that congregation. Paul writes in Galations 6:2, “Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ.”

Months later, at an area pastors gathering, a huge black man introduced himself to me as Pastor Mike Nickelson. When he heard my name and the church I pastored, he lifted me off me feet in a bear hug, “Pastor Bob, you are the church that prayed me into Ft Wayne!” Mike and I began meeting to pray and seek the Lord together. Soon, he invited me to preach at Mt. Calvary Baptist. The same morning, I invited him to preach at Broadway Christian. That was the start of a long standing relationship of trust and love. He now refers to me as “Dad”.

When we pray and act upon those prayers we can expect results. Our Lord cares deeply for the broken, the grieving and the forsaken who live not far from us. We have been divided by decades of color, separate neighborhoods fear and misunderstanding. Not until I met two other men of color, prayed with them, did my vision and heart change. When love conquers prejudice in answer to our Lord’s prayer, the unchurched will be drawn to Christ and His body on earth. Prayer changes things, especially the hearts of those who do the praying!

“May it be the real I who speaks,

May it be the real Thou that I speak to.” -C.S. Lewis

Robert Yawberg

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