Thursday, May 31, 2007

Retreat Leads to Advance!

Thinking back to 2003, Pastor Bill Thompkins readily admits that both he and his church—the Fellowship of Christian Believers in Racine, Wis.—were struggling.

The members of the multi-racial congregation had a great love for each other but not much idea how to fit into or serve their community. Over the years, their hometown had become an increasingly urban and in some senses blighted community. Yet, the church was essentially an island with little impact on its neighbors.

As for himself, Bill was feeling the strains of 23 straight years of pastoring. He was tired. Drained. Drifting along with a great sense of duty, but less of the fire and passion he had known in his early days of ministry.

But everything—everything—began to change in the spring of 2003 when Bill first visited Cedarly ...

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