Monday, May 21, 2007

Praying Toward A Mission Statement

How to Write Your Own Personal Mission Statement

Written by Jeff Iorg

This article is adapted from pages 122-126 of Jeff Iorg's new book The Character of Leadership: Nine Qualities That Define Great Leaders (2007 B&H Publishing Group). A 26-page sample of the book is available here...

A personal mission statement is a one-sentence statement of God’s unique assignment for you.

  • Jesus’ personal mission was “to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10).
  • Paul summarized his mission by claiming “I have become its [the church’s] minister ... so that we may present everyone mature in Christ” (Col. 1:25, 28).
  • My personal mission statement is “God has called and equipped me to provide visionary leadership and train others to be effective leaders.”

What are the Benefits of a Personal Mission Statement?

  • Your personal mission puts limits on your ministry.
    When you lead within the limits of your personal mission, your motives and attitude will usually be good. You will serve more easily and effectively.
  • Your personal mission also gives you a sense of security.
    You know you are pleasing God so you can relax. You are not trying to please people and are not stressed by demands you cannot meet. You have a sense of purpose and intentionality. You know you are working from your strengths.
  • Focusing on your personal mission helps alleviate jealousy and competition in ministry.
    You know your mission and by implication know others have different missions. You are not competing with anyone. Your only competition is with your own God-produced personal standards, expectations, and potentialities.

A Spiritual Process for Writing Your Personal Mission Statement

Writing a personal mission statement is more than an exercise in personalized corporate planning. It must be a spiritual process. [Note from Phil: Which is why I suggest you begin with focused, listening prayer before embarking on the steps that follow.]===>Click headline to access the complete article . . .

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