Monday, April 02, 2007

Trouble with Your Quiet Time?

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Do you have trouble having a consistent quiet time?

I talk to so many pastors and others who have trouble having a consistent quiet time. They have a desire and a commitment to meeting with God but it just seems like they have a hard time getting out of bed in time to spend time with God. Why is that?

There are a lot of reasons but one is that there is no tangible, immediate accountability if you don’t meet with God. God is not going to bless you out if you don’t make time for Him. He is not a person who is going to force you to make time with Him. Yes, there are consequences but they are not as evident as if you don’t keep a meeting with your boss. If you miss an appointment with your boss, you are going to hear about it and maybe even lose your job if you don’t have a very good excuse. Even then he would ask why didn’t you call and let me know ahead of time that you were going to miss our meeting.
Isn’t it interesting that we would not dare miss a meeting with our boss or at less let him know we could not make it but we don’t think twice about missing our time with God?!
One way we can overcome this problem is to put your quiet time on your calendar just like any other meeting. Put down the time and place. Then show God the same respect you would show anyone else. Show up for the appointment, and if you can’t be there or need to change the time a little, ask God if it is alright. I put God on my calendar 20 years ago and have missed very few appointments since. If I have had a particularly late evening in ministry I ask the Lord the night before or in the morning when the alarm goes off if we can move the time back. When I do that most of the time I sense in my spirit it’s all right to meet Him 30 minutes late. But just because I put it off a few minutes doesn’t mean I don’t meet with God at all that day. But there have been times when I’ve asked to postpone our meeting and I’ve sensed that God had something important that could not wait so I got up any way. Those are special times in spite of being tired. There are also times when God wakes me at night to ask me to pray for something or to spend time in His word. Those are precious times indeed.
Most of our problems in the morning would take care of themselves if we went to bed earlier. Remember what we do or do not do the night before impacts whether we want to get out of bed in the morning. Think about the impact your actions after 8:00 p.m. are going to have on your quiet time the next day. Then make an informed decision as to what you will do. Don’t continue your night time activities with no thought for tomorrow.
Let me encourage you to make your quiet time with the Lord a priority. I don’t know anyone that God really uses in His kingdom work that doesn’t have a vital quiet time.
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