Monday, April 02, 2007

New Take On Quiet Time

New Take on 'Quiet Time'

The greatest classical masterpiece of all time is one in which a musician plays no notes, writes Peter Gutmann in The Wall Street Journal (3/26/07). That would be "Four Minutes Thirty-Three Seconds," or 4' 33," created by John Cage in 1951. The piece is comprised of a musician or orchestra simply sitting still. It's often described as 'silent,' but it isn't at all. It's true that no music comes from the stage as concertgoers expect, but there's plenty of sound, albeit from unconventional sources. The audience soon becomes aware of immersion in a universe of audio sensation from the mundane to the profound -- shifting in seats, air conditioning, passing traffic, one's own heartbeat." What's so great about that? Well, for one thing, says Peter Gutman, the "silence" invites one's memories and gives rise to associations.... [Read the article] [Google Video: "4 Minutes, 33 Seconds for Large Orchestra"] [Wikipedia: "Silence"] [All About God: "Quiet Time"] [Quiet Time Ministries]

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