Friday, March 23, 2007

Retreat to Refire

A Time to Retreat
by: Peter Giersch
date: 12.08.2003
In the busyness of ministry, intentional time alone with God benefits you, your family, and your congregation. "Christ stands at the door knocking" . . .or maybe that's my administrative assistant, or my spouse, or the youth pastor, or . . .? Read More >

Five Things Clergy can do to Avoid Burnout
by: Unknown
date: 04.10.2004
And five things congregants can do to help. Read More >

The Female Cardinal Syndrome
by: Ingrid Lawrenz, MSW
date: 08.28.2003
On the one hand it's nice to be the female cardinal; the attention and pressure aren't all on you. You're freer to do your nesting and go about your business unnoticed, with some, but fewer, expectations. However, blending into the bushes can get old too.

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