Sunday, January 28, 2007

RESOURCE ~ New Guide with Tools for Deep Breathing for Your Soul

Oxygen: Deep Breathing for the Soul

Keri Wyatt Kent

is the perfect guide to help you deepen your walk with Christ. In it, you will discover practices that will help you develop your relationship with the One who loves you the most. These simple, time-tested practices have been part of the Christian tradition for centuries. Oxygen shows you how to put them to work in your life and faith. You'll learn
  • that doing is not always as pleasing to God as being with him
  • how to spend time in solitude
  • how to journal and pray
  • how to listen to what God is saying to you

Through the exercises in this book, you'll sharpen the tools needed for:

  • Deep Listening - being open to what God is saying and allowing Scripture to "form" rather than "inform"
  • Journaling - responding to questions posed in the passage
  • Being There - imagining oneself in the Gospel story
  • Breath Prayer - a one-breath expression of love for God
  • Solitude - alone with God
  • Kindness - extending prayer with love and action
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