Sunday, October 01, 2006

RETREAT with "Devotional Classics"

Devotional Classics: Revised Edition By Richard J. Foster

Devotional Classics: Revised Edition

Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups

buy Devotional Classics: Revised Edition: Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups

A New, Expanded Edition of Renovaré's Classic Companion to the Devotional Life
Updated to incorporate all six traditions, or "streams," that comprise a healthy and holistic life of faith, these fifty-two selections have been organized to introduce the reader to the great devotional writers over the course of one year. Edited by James Bryan Smith, each reading is accompanied by an introduction and meditation by Richard J. Foster. In addition, each entry includes a related biblical passage, discussion questions, and individual and group exercises.

With devotional readings in

  1. The Prayer-Filled Life ~ Contemplative Tradition
  2. The Virtuous Life ~ Holiness Tradition
  3. The Spirit-Empowered Life ~ Charaismatic Tradition
  4. The Compassionate Life ~ Social Justice Tradition
  5. The Word-Centered Life ~ Evangelical Tradition
  6. The Sacramental Life ~ Incarnational Tradition

Foster and Smith sift through works from the great spiritual writers of the past as well as readings from contemporary spiritual leaders to create a guide that is indispensable for those looking for a deeper and more balanced spiritual life.

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