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Spiritual Pathways ~ Discovering your soul's path to God

Spiritual Pathways ~ Discovering your soul's path to God

A Day Retreat at Descanso Gardens

A day gathering of friends, laughing, wondering, exploring, praying, and enjoying their way deeper into God's heart

Join us at the beautiful Descanso Gardens as we explore various paths that help us meet God and receive His refreshment. Our theme is taken from the book by Gary Thomas, called Sacred Pathways. Retreat hosted by the Prayer Command Post and faciliated by Lynn Heatley and Fawn Parish

Saturday, September 30, 2006
9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.*
@ Descanso Gardens
1418 Descanso Dr. La Canada Flintridge
Cost $35 per person ($45 at door)**
Space is limited to the first 40 who register
You can arrive earlier and stroll the beautiful gardens as early as 8:00 a.m.
Price includes the retreat, a catered lunch, access to the gardens and materials
Contact Lynn Heatley @ or click headline to access online registration . . .

To pay via mail, send your check of $35 (made payable to: Prayer Command Post) to:
Prayer Command Post
Attn: Descanso Retreat
PO Box 1853
Chino, CA 91708

(909) 591-1945

Please include:

City: State: Zip Code:

Email Address:
a confirmation will be sent to you in return.

Book: "Sacred Pathways" by Gary Thomas

We were created to love God and have a relationship with Him. Sacred Pathways describes the way we relate to God, how we draw near to him. Do we have just one pathway? Not necessarily. Most of us, however, will naturally have a certain predisposition for relating to God, which is our predominant spiritual temperament.

The aim of the retreat is to help people understand their own pathways that God has given them, along with bringing respect and understanding for those "different" pathways that aren't the same as our own.

Here is a very brief synopsis of The Nine Sacred Pathways

Naturalists-prefer to leave any building, however beautiful or austere, to pray to God in His various places of creation/nature. They are recharged in nature.

Sensates-want to be lost in the awe, beauty, and splendor of God. When these Christians worship, they want to be filled with sights, sounds, and smells that overwhelm them.

Traditionalists-fed by what are often termed the historic dimensions of faith; rituals, symbols, sacraments, and sacrifice. These Christians tend to have a disciplined life of faith. They have a need for ritual and structure.

Ascetics-want nothing more than to be left alone in prayer. Let there be nothing to distract them; no pictures, no loud music, and leave them alone to pray in silence and simplicity.

Activists-serve a God of justice, and their favorite Scripture is often the account of Jesus cleansing the temple. They define worship as standing against evil and calling sinners to repentance.

Caregivers-serve God by serving others. They often claim to see Christ in the poor and needy, and their faith is built up by interacting with other people.

Enthusiasts-excitement and mystery in worship is the spiritual lifeblood of enthusiasts. They are inspired by joyful celebration. These Christians are cheerleaders for God and the Christian life.

Contemplatives-refer to God as their lover, and images of a loving Father and Bridegroom predominate their view of God. The focus is not necessarily on serving God, doing his will, accomplishing great things in his name, or even obeying God. Rather, these Christians seek to love God with purest, deepest, and brightest love imaginable.

Intellectuals-they love God with their minds. They like to study the Bible and other books. They might think; if I am not learning anything new about God, then my relationship feels stagnant.

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