Monday, September 25, 2006

RETREAT to Northern CA

The Ministry at Genesee Home

The primary ministry of Genesee Home is to provide an environment where Pastors and their spouses can break away from their normal daily routine and retreat to a wilderness setting free from the distractions of ministry. Below is a current description of the ministry program offered by Genesee Home.

A visit to Genesee Home is an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to minister to Pastors and their spouses. In addition to giving you a beautiful space and uninterrupted time for the work of the Holy Spirit we offer the following resources::

  • Quiet time to be in the presence of God
  • Uninterrupted time with their spouse
  • Opportunities to be inspired by God regarding your ministry, personal walk, calling, etc.
  • Prayer time, both individually, as couples, and with other Pastors and spouses
  • Time in the Word
  • Time to just relax and let go
  • Reading time (many resources are provided)
  • Opportunity to fellowship over dinner and throughout the evening with our host couple and other Pastors and spouses.
  • Guided discussions on marriage, family and ministry
  • Opportunities for recreation on the ranch are available
  • We ask that you observe a fast from most electronic media such as cell phones, faxes, computers and the internet.
  • Encouragement, a listening ear, prayer, and Spiritual Direction as need with our Host Couple.

We do not provide the following:

  • Professional counseling
  • Therapy sessions

In His Grip,
Charley & Bev Blom
Directors, Genesee Home, 7202 Genesee Rd, Taylorsville, CA 96983
FAX: 530-284-1083

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