Friday, September 29, 2006

Pastor Retreat Network

Founded in 1997, Pastors Retreat Network offers five-day retreats to pastors and pastor couples. Our programs balance solitude and community time. Scripture reading and meditation are at the heart of the experience.

Pastor Retreat Network’s strategy
flows out of a profound vision:

To glorify God and build His kingdom by strengthening Christian pastors for better ministry to the people they lead.

We do this by providing a self-directed and Christ-centered retreat experience, where God prompts Christian pastors to feel His presence, discern His will and follow His leading. These spiritually strengthened pastors will be empowered by God to transform their ministries and build His kingdom.

The concept is both simple and profound: Invite pastors and their spouses on five-day retreats in beautiful settings. There, they can focus completely on their relationship with God and their relationship with each other.

The absence of phones, television, calendars, and the demands of daily living help our guests rest, reflect, pray, seek God, and remember the reason they entered ministry. Here the redeeming love of Christ and His faithful work through them becomes clearer. This reality ignites a passionate response to God and a desire to make Him known.

Conversations with other pastors from across denominational lines open new areas of communication and become a forum for sharing "best practices." Deep, long-term friendships often take root in this safe, anonymous community.

Pastors Retreat Network is received by the IRS as a continuing education program. Our guests can attend free of charge without tax penalty, if they are involved in program activities 4-6 hours daily. While fully meeting the IRS guidelines, our programs also allow large blocks of unstructured time and freedom from daily responsibilities.

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