Saturday, August 05, 2006

Why Pastors Need A Prayer-Ethos, Not A Corporate-Ethos

Leadership in Literature
A Conversation with Business Ethicist
by Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr

...a number of scholars and business people have begun to question the direction of business education. ...for example, leadership gurus Warren G. Bennis and James O'Toole argued that business schools have lost their way because of the scientific model that dominates business research and teaching. (See "How Business Schools Lost Their Way," May 2005.)

Harvard Business Review, March 2006, quote from p. 48

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1 comment:

Gordon said...

Dear Pastor Blog

I agree with Joseph Badaracco about the direction of business teaching being too scientific. I specialise in project management where the emphasis in training is all about the tools of project managment; ganntt charts, risk assessments earned value etc.

I have chosen to carry out research into "people in project management" with a number of like minded individuals. At a recent meeting we talked about the "spirit" of projects. This spirit can only be gained trhrough people and how they behave towards each other. It is people that get things done. The most important element of the project.

Whilst "spirit" in this context is not overtly religious it does have religious connotations and hopefully will not only inspire people to think more about others but also about God.

I believe that the work you are carrying out is not only re energising pastors physically but is also helping to put the "spirit" back into them.

I pray for you both.