Monday, August 07, 2006

RETREAT to Freeport, IL

Drive to Refuge at Highpoint Inn
Deer Ridge Ministries
Currently being hosted by Highpoint Inn, Freeport, Illinois
Contact person: David and Louise Decker, Directors
Email: Website

Why is this a good retreat destination?
Deer Ridge Ministries is hosting retreats at Highpoint Inn, a beautiful 11 acre country estate located on the outskirts of Freeport, Illinois.

Highpoint Inn is located just off IL US Hwy 20, at the IL Hwy 75 exit, approximately 70 miles west of Chicago and 22 miles west of Rockford.

The property features 11 acres of grounds to walk, an in-ground swimming pool, tennis courts and many other beautiful amenities."

Any special programs/offers for pastors?
God has called us to provide a needed refuge for pastors and their spouses. Deer Ridge provides a place of peace, healing and rest for body and soul.

We offer 5-day Sabbath rest retreats to encourage pastors in full time ministry, by providing excellent facilities where pastors and spouses can rest and enjoy the presence of God without having to worry about cost.

Self-directed paths of study are available for all retreat attendees. Each room is supplied with several books, teaching tapes, music and other materials, which will aid the participants in refreshment and reflection."

Anything that makes your center unique?
The retreat attendees are not required to follow to any strict schedule. There are no meetings to attend, no group therapy sessions. We offer pastors time for uninterrupted rest and time with God and their spouses. All this is offered free of charge. We are a non-denominational 501c3 organization solely supported by individuals who love pastors and see the need for such a ministry. More information and photos can be found on our web site. Registration and inquiries may also be made at or by calling 815-543-6250."

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Anonymous said...

They have Great Church retreats on

Jackie said...

hoping to see some Mens happenings for freeport area ...we n-e-e-d some encouragement here...asap