Monday, August 14, 2006

RETREAT to Clark Fork, ID

Diamond T Ranch

5361 River Road, Clark Fork, Idaho 83811
Contact person: Tom and Brenda Wagoner
Telephone: 208-266-0490

Why is this a good destination:
This is a 135 acre guest ranch with modern log cabins set in the middle of a beautiful river gorge surrounded by mountains and across the road from hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest. The ranch is open to the general public, but full time, evanagelical pastors and missionaries received a greatly reduced rate. Some come for the fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, and other activities, while others come to study, rest, pray and escape the pressures of the world.

Any special programs/offers for pastors?
We rent cabins to pastors for a flat $40 a night (plus 7% tax) for up to six people. We also offer a listening ear and nonstructured counseling for those desiring that.

Anything that makes your center unique?
Each cabin has a kitchenette and only occasionally do we provide meals. There are restaurants in the area, but if a pastor simply wants to be alone, sleep, pray, study or fast, this is a secluded area of great beauty and peacefulness away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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