Monday, June 19, 2006

An Intercessor's Prayer For You

Dear Ministry Co-laborer,

The following prayer may be used
to bless your ministry, city, state and/or nation
that we, as God's people, may rise with ONE voice,
fire filling our chorus as we sing...
"Glory, Glory! Hallelujah!
Our God reigns! Lord Jesus, you reign!"

Bless your ministry, city, state and/or nation
to be strengthened
by the Spirit of the Living God
being bound together in Him,
filled with all His might and power...
His victory won for each one of us !
His very own be-loved ones !
His purposes being fulfilled in and through us!
This is your God! Our God! Hallelujah!
Forever! He reigns!

Father, You loved the Son
Shared your purposes and plans with Him...
He said, "Yes! I'll go!
That they may know you -
Having life forever with us!
I'll go - that they may be in us
Even as I am in you and you are in me!"
And all of heaven shouted,
"Glory, Glory! Hallelujah! You reign!
The Lord God reigns!"

So Jesus,
You laid down your heavenly position and place;
All that you were with the Father in heaven
And walked on this earth proclaiming this good news;
Calling us from darkness into the light
Opening our eyes...
Breaking our chains
Setting us free!
Saying, "God's mercy is here!
His love, His faithfulness! His forgiveness!"
And we joined the heavenly shouts,
"Glory, Glory! Hallelujah! God reigns!
Our God reigns!"

You gave us honor!
Beauty for ashes, Jesus!
Poured oil of joy on our sadness;
Raising us up from despair;
Renewing our hope...
With much gladness, we sing,
"Glory, Glory! Hallelujah! You reign!
Our God reigns!"

You went to the cross, Lord Jesus,
Shed your blood;
To cover our sins
To pour salve on our wounds,
To heal our sicknesses;
Covering our guilt and shame!
Descending into the depths of hell and darkness
You paid our debt; dying our death!
Amazed with wonder, we sing,
The song of the forgiven,
"Glory, Glory! Hallelujah! You reign!
Our God reigns!"

And You,
Blessed Spirit of the Living God,
Raised Jesus up!
Up from the dead
Through the heavens
Seating Him at the Father's right hand
Far above all rule and power
To reign forever!
And all of heaven shouts,
"Glory, Glory! Hallelujah! You reign!
Our God reigns!"

While darkness trembles at the sound...
We join the forgiven throng...
Fire filling our chorus,
We cry out with ONE voice:
"Glory, Glory! Hallelujah! You reign!
Lord Jesus, You reign!"
Yes! We sing...
"Glory, Glory! Hallelujah! You reign!
Lord Jesus, you reign!"
Abundant blessing be yours,

Sharon Barnes
National Dir. of Ministry Relations
New Life Ministries
888-483-2484 x717

Southern California Regional Coordinator
National Day of Prayer Task Force ===>Click headline to access website . . .

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