Saturday, June 17, 2006

In The Little Prayer Room

1970, April 8-JOURNAL ENTRY

~Last February in the little prayer room in the rear of the sanctuary, the Holy Spirit took possession of my will in a new and exciting way---perhaps I should say, in a more complete way. The Holy Spirit has been real to me for years and years.

He called me to be Christ’s minister and gave my first preaching charge in 1953.There on my knees in my small room at Bowling Green State University came the pure joy of knowing the Lord was giving His servant an opportunity to preach and minister to a congregation. It mattered not how small or insignificant, just then it was the most wonderful congregation in all the world…and for the next eleven years it continued to be that very church.

His Spirit comes like the morning dew every day a bit more. Now after seventeen years of ministry, the priority is still the same- Christ and His Word, the first hour of the day! Who has known this any more and yet failed any more than this preacher?

Here in 1970, the pace of city ministry is enough to kill an average man. The only way to stay ahead of it is to determine Jesus Christ, living and abiding! Come to Him anew each day, decide for Him each day and pray for more and more fullness of His Spirit.

Prayer for Today

~ Lord, I confess my failure this day and give my will over to Your keeping. One day at a time, starting again today and continuing through each tomorrow, when and if it comes. I hereby affirm my need for you

-My thirst for prayer-

-My hunger for Your Word-

-My crying need to witness to others!

SAYING YES TO bob & marilyn Yawberg- Vol. VII #12

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