Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Frantic Antidote


~ Peace and inner calm have returned following a “retreat” week at Lake James Christian Assembly in northern Indiana. I had the unique privilege of preaching nightly to 150 twelve year olds! What a challenge. Before I could preach to them, I had to be still before the Lord…to listen…to repent…to practice the Presence.

It is needful for periodic retreats from the world. Jesus did it, what makes us think we are any different? Being with brothers and sisters in Christ, ministering, praying listening to others speak and preach. All of this was healing to my frantic pace and fragmentation.

I changed a plan to preach through Romans, realizing I had begun too soon. I was not personally ready. The Lord then gave me not one sermon, but three. The one for this past Sunday was what we all needed. Thank You Lord! In an attempt to develop more fruit of the Spirit in my life this week, I realized it comes only as the Holy Spirit is in control! No amount of self effort can ever accomplish this task.


~Henry and Norman Blackaby give this crucial insight from Experiencing Prayer with Jesus. “Jesus’ prayer life was the key to both His life and ministry. Jesus was intensely committed to prayer because this loving presence of the Father was His very life. He chose not to allow anything to interfere or distract Him from this intimate fellowship--neither His family, nor His disciples, nor His religious critics and opponents. Too much was at stake.”

“Father….nevertheless not My will but Yours be done.” (Matt. 22:42)

Prayer for today~ Lord, help us listen for what You are about to do. We come in response to Your invitation. Please lay Your agenda on our hearts. Forgive us for always seeking our own.

SAYING YES TO GOD-bob and marilyn Yawberg- Vol. VII #9
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