Thursday, May 25, 2006

Abiding Prayer

September 22-23, 2006
Host Church --First Evangelical Free Chu
Austin, Texas

Have you longed for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ?
Richard Foster and Emilie Griffin, popular authors and speakers, will lead this joyous, worship-packed conference as they teach ways to strengthen your personal relationship with Jesus.

Open to Christians of all traditions and denominations, The Hill Country RENOVARE Conference will benefit those seeking fuller spirituality and deeper intimacy with Christ Jesus. Participants will rediscover time-tested practical tools for spiritual growth.

This conference will help you:
  • Learn to love Jesus more and deepen your fellowship with Him through abiding prayer
  • Form a practical, effective strategy for transforming your spiritual life
  • Become familiar with the Church in her many historical and multi-faceted dimensions
  • Gain insight into the spiritual disciplines of renewal
Host Church: First Evangelical Free Church, 4220 Monterey Oaks Blvd, Austin Texas 78749
Registration: Online registration is now available at
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Through June 30: $59.00. $5 discount for online registration.
July 1 - August 31: $64.00. $5 discount for online registration.
September 1-15: $70.00 $5 discount for online registration.
September 16, $75.

Richard J. Foster — Richard is the founder of RENOVARÉ and the author of six books that teach personal spiritual renewal, including Celebration of Discipline, PRAYER: Finding the Heart's True Home, and Streams of Living Water. From his base near Denver, Colorado, where he lives with his wife Carolynn, Richard travels throughout the world, speaking and teaching on the spiritual life.
Emilie Griffin — A writer, broadcast producer, and marketing consultant, Emilie has worked extensively in Christian efforts and written several books on the spiritual life including Turning, Clinging, Chasing the Kingdom, The Reflective Executive, Homeward Voyage, and Wilderness Time. She speaks about the inner life at retreats and conferences throughout the U.S. Emilie and her husband Bill live in Alexandria, Louisiana.

The Hill Country Institute for Contemporary Christianity:
The Institute works to transform the hearts and minds of Christ followers in our region, enabling them to apply, articulate, and defend the faith. It fosters unity and collaboration among Christians through conferences, training, and web based and published materials.

I hope to see you in Austin on September 22-23 for this transformational event. Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you.

In Christ, Larry Linenschmidt
Executive Director, Hill Country Institute for Contemporary Christianity

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RESOURCE: Refocus Prayer off Self & onto God (4 Books)

Praying from God's Heart Experiencing the Power of God-Formed Prayer
by Lee Brase

Tired of superficial, ineffective prayers? Learn to focus your heart on the Father.
If you've often felt your heart turn toward God only to find yourself feeling totally tongue-tied, this practical guide will help you find your voice. If you talk to God regularly but worry that your prayers are superficial, unscriptural, or ineffective, Praying from God's Heart will show you how to pray scripturally and deeply—with a God-focused heart. You'll experience:

Praising God
Strategic prayer
Practicing prayer
Prayerful waiting
Praying scripturally
The power of group prayer
Persevering through prayer

Designed specifically for small-group studies in the home or at church, this workbook will guide you to a deeper understanding of God as you learn to focus on His attributes rather than your own desires.

Easily adaptable to the needs of your small group, Praying from God's Heart can be used in either sixteen 60-minute sessions or nine 90-minute sessions. You don't even need a trained leader—just a heartfelt desire to pray with God as your focus. Praying from God's Heart will inspire and guide you to more effective, more genuine, more worshipful prayer.

Meditative Prayer
Entering God's Presence

In today's society we are often handicapped in our spiritual growth by too narrow a horizon when it comes to spiritual practices. Each generation suffers a kind of collective amnesia, forgetting the practices and perspectives that nourished countless followers of Christ in centuries past. Rediscovering these skills is one way to respond to our culture's—and our own—deep spiritual hunger.

While it is surely preposterous for us to suppose we can interact with the God of this universe, Scripture repeatedly invites us to do that very thing. Prayer is not a minor idea tucked into the cracks of the text, it is central, normative, and expected. Why is it, then, that our prayers are so often dry and difficult?

In Meditative Prayer, you'll discover ways of prayer that make use of your mind and imagination, that address your needs as well as strengthen your spirit. By drawing from a number of different sources—Scripture, wise men and women who have gone before, and one another—this study guide will enable your soul to drink deeply from the inexhaustible well of prayer. (Though you can use this guide for a personal journey of prayer, it is ideally suited for exploration with a small group of like-minded friends.)

When the Soul Listens
Finding Rest and Direction in Contemplative Prayer
by Jan Johnson

Do you want purpose and daily direction but can't seem to find the "right" prayer to receive it? "If prayer has 'stopped working' for you or if you want to know the reality of God, I invite you now to explore contemplative prayer and a lifestyle that allows you to experience God's presence," says Jan Johnson. When the Soul Listens will guide you away from formulas and step-by-step plans toward true contemplative prayer. Learn to find rest and guidance in God, opening yourself to God's presence and direction through this practical approach. If you are disillusioned, searching for something that makes sense, or experiencing spiritual dryness, When the Soul Listens offers a clear path to a fulfilling connection with God and helps you allow God to work change in your life through prayer. Isn't that what you want?

Simplify Your Spiritual Life
Spiritual Disciplines for the Overwhelmed
by Donald S. Whitney

Let's face it—we live in a complex world. Technology improves daily, and with it, the pace increases. Surrounded by driving forces, it is no small wonder that our spiritual lives take a hit. But if the weight of the world is hindering your walk with the Lord, maybe now's the time to step back and evaluate.

Includes a chapter on Simplifying and Prayer.

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Leading Prayer: One of Thirty-Five Strategic Skills

35 ministry skills you'll need in the 21st century
by Sam Simmons

Ministry requires skill. Every ministry position, whether vocational or volunteer, carries with it the expectation of proficiency, often beyond the specific ministry functions related to the position. Consider these 35 skills you will need for ministry in the 21st century===>Click headline to access this article . . .

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Praying Through the Pain

Church conflict, I've come to realize, may be the most effective tool God has to shape our character.

Gary Preston

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Praying In/Through Disunity

None of us escape the pain of a polarized congregation or a small group of dissatisfied members. Many get vocal in their opposition; some get vicious.

Our brother Francis Frangipane weaves together insights that come from the deep wells of scripture and the crucible of his own ministry. You'll find practical wisdom and personal healing...

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Frantic Antidote


~ Peace and inner calm have returned following a “retreat” week at Lake James Christian Assembly in northern Indiana. I had the unique privilege of preaching nightly to 150 twelve year olds! What a challenge. Before I could preach to them, I had to be still before the Lord…to listen…to repent…to practice the Presence.

It is needful for periodic retreats from the world. Jesus did it, what makes us think we are any different? Being with brothers and sisters in Christ, ministering, praying listening to others speak and preach. All of this was healing to my frantic pace and fragmentation.

I changed a plan to preach through Romans, realizing I had begun too soon. I was not personally ready. The Lord then gave me not one sermon, but three. The one for this past Sunday was what we all needed. Thank You Lord! In an attempt to develop more fruit of the Spirit in my life this week, I realized it comes only as the Holy Spirit is in control! No amount of self effort can ever accomplish this task.


~Henry and Norman Blackaby give this crucial insight from Experiencing Prayer with Jesus. “Jesus’ prayer life was the key to both His life and ministry. Jesus was intensely committed to prayer because this loving presence of the Father was His very life. He chose not to allow anything to interfere or distract Him from this intimate fellowship--neither His family, nor His disciples, nor His religious critics and opponents. Too much was at stake.”

“Father….nevertheless not My will but Yours be done.” (Matt. 22:42)

Prayer for today~ Lord, help us listen for what You are about to do. We come in response to Your invitation. Please lay Your agenda on our hearts. Forgive us for always seeking our own.

SAYING YES TO GOD-bob and marilyn Yawberg- Vol. VII #9
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gather Your Mighty (Prayer) Warriors Too!

Bivocational Pastors - Gather Your Mighty Men!

2 Samuel 23 and 1 Chronicles 11 tell of David’s mighty men. These elite fighting men did incredible military exploits, including the following:

* Josheb-basshebeth, with just a spear, killed 800 men in one battle.
* Eleazar “stood his ground and attacked the Philistines until his hand was tired and stuck to his sword.”
* Shammah defended a field of grain.
* Three men “broke through the Philistine camp and drew water from the well
at the gate of Bethlehem . . . and brought it back to David.”
* Abishai killed 300 men with his spear.
* Benaiah “went down into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion.”
* Beniah “also killed an Egyptian who was seven and a half feet tall. Even though the Egyptian had a spear in his hand like a weaver’s beam, Benaiah went down to him with a club, snatched the spear out of the Egyptian’s hand, and killed him with his own spear.”

What was the purpose of these men? 1 Chronicles 11:10 explains, “David’s warriors . . . strongly supported him in his reign to make him king according to the Lord’s word about Israel.” Being a king is not easy. David needed powerful allies.

Being a bivocational pastor is not easy either. Every minister needs a team of helpers. Please. Do not attempt ministry alone. Build a team. Lone Ranger ministry will kill you.

Who can be on your team? Anyone you can enlist formally, or informally. Here are some people you may include in your band of mighty warriors. ===>Click headline to access complete article . . .

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Teach Me To Pray? Here's Some Help . . .

Monthly Inspiration and Instruction

Cuurent Issue:
The Power of One
The Amazing Impact of One Committed Intercessor
New Prayer Tools from Pray!
Good News for Tired Pray-ers: Encouragement from Cornelius
Learn to Pray Like Moses
Sneak Peek: Experience the Richness of Corporate Prayer
Aaron-Prayer Idea
Just Released: Two New Kids' Prayer Cards
Something to Ponder
Thanks for Your Patience

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Friday, May 05, 2006

RESOURCE - New Resource ~ The Praying Pastor


I hope and pray that you are doing well when you get this. My name is Kevin Meador. We have corrresponded a time or two in the past. I'm the president of The Prayer Closet. I just wanted to let you know that we have added a Pastor's Page to our web site (--->Click headline to access these resources . . ). On the Pastor's Page, any pastor can download the following materials for free:

*The Praying Pastor - This prayer manual will help a pastor cover his life, ministry, and church with prayer. It is designed to help the busy pastor build his prayer life.

*Ignite The Fire - This prayer manual is designed to help churches pray for the pastor and worship services. It can be used during the week or during the worship services.

*Fire in the Pulpit - A short newsletter on preaching and dependence on the Holy Spirit.

We will be adding more materials over time. I just wanted you to be aware of these free resources. My great desire is to encourage and bless pastors. May God richly bless you and your labors for his Kingdom!

Kevin Meador

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