Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Commentary . . . Why No Training?

Why No Training for Prayer?
By Phil Miglioratt

Why is it we train and resource pastors for every possible task and role under the sun, except for prayer?

Recently I received an Email advertising a free computer if I simply requested information about various products and services. Curious, and tempted, I clicked on the link and saw a page full of options! Seven major categories covering a wide ranger of key ministry responsibilities such as Administration, Leader Resources, Pastoral Resources, and Worship Services. The over 120 items to choose from included resources for:

• how to conduct baptisms but nothing for prayer services
• sermon helps but no helps for teaching or leading prayer
• grant writing and fundraising, evangelism and church growth, but nothing on prayer

The site had a huge array of topics, but nowhere was there a mention of prayer.

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