Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hug Your Kids: 1968 & 2006


1968-October 8-JOURNAL ENTRY~ Rhonda Joy (8 years old) brought me to my senses tonight! We just finished washing the car as she “oiled” her bike chain. The chain guard was loose and I asked her about it. “Now, Rhonda, why haven’t you told me?” She looked up at me dressed in my sport shirt and slacks- “But Daddy, you’re never home, and you never have your old clothes on!” I guess it’s been a long time…too long.

Over supper, she quipped, “Daddy all you do is march in and march out again!” I cancelled an appointment for the evening and announced to Rhonda and her brother, “we’re going to see that movie you wanted, ‘The Magnificent Men and their flying Machines.’” Upon hearing the good news, they both jumped up and down.

2006-January 4-REFLECTION~Coach Dungy, of the Indianapolis Colts recently spoke at the untimely death of his 18 year old son, James. Thousands listened as he drew upon his Christian faith. “Hug your kids! I urge you not to take your relations for granted. Parents hug your kids each chance you get. Tell them you love them each chance you get. You don’t know when it’s going to be the last time.

In my 72nd year, success simply means being loved and respected by those who know and love me best, my family. Rhonda Joy now has two daughters in college. Every chance Marilyn and I get (not nearly often enough) we hug our granddaughters, now 18 and 20.

“Old people are distinguished by their grandchildren; children take pride in their parents.” (Prov. 17:6 -The Message)

SAYING YES TO GOD- bob/marilyn Yawberg - Vol. VII # 1

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