Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ray of Light Devotionals - An "Aaron & Hur" for Pastors

Just as Moses needed the help of Aaron and Hur to enable Joshua and his army to defeat Amalek, so too must pastors partner with Aarons and Hurs to enable their members to defeat the influences in the world system.

One such (Aaron/Hur) ministry is A Ray of Light Ministries. Each week, the pastor and founder of A Ray of Light Ministries, Dr. Ray Charles, publishes a “theme for the week” with five kaleidoscopic perspectives on each workday. The devotional can be read in a minute or less. However, without going any further, let me answer the question, “why would this type of devotional benefit a pastor?” After all, there are thousands of devotionals on the web. Very simply, as a pastor you would gain insight on the thought development of your parishioners throughout the week. Each Sunday, you would also end your sermons knowing that your hands will be lifted up to enable the victory of your members in the compromising (Esau, Amalek) territory of the world system.

4 Him, Ray Chrles
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