Saturday, August 13, 2005

Resource for the Leader You Are Praying to Become

BLEEDERSHIP: Biblical First Aid for Leaders

`Do you want to be a good example of a Christian leader, one that people will follow and respect?

`Would you like to become a better leader at work or at home?

As I was sitting in church one Sunday in December of 2003, our pastor was speaking about the birth of Jesus. He mentioned that God could have chosen anyplace for Jesus to have been born. He could have been born in a huge palace in a gold bassinette with lots of wealth. However, we all know he was born in a manger, next to farm animals. Our pastor went on to say, “Imagine that. The greatest leader that ever walked this earth came from the humblest of beginnings.”

At the time of this sermon, I was vice president of sales for a small division ($160 million in sales) of a $1 billion publicly traded company. I reported to the President of our division who was extremely difficult to work with. He was a very proud, arrogant, demeaning and demanding person.

As I digested my pastor’s sermon, I was struck with the dichotomy of his message and the leadership style of my boss! I immediately began writing notes on the back of the church program and soon over the next days, weeks, and months, the text of Bleedership began to take shape.

Bleedership is a book that tells real stories of leadership from a business perspective. It focuses on what I feel are the eight most common leadership pitfalls that we all make at times (my boss just happened to make them most of the time) and I contrast how my boss and leaders in the Bible handled similar circumstances.

I believe this book provides a unique perspective to anyone who is a leader or desires to be a leader. While the examples are primarily set in a business setting, the overall principles are also very appropriate for coaches at any level and especially for parents as they are probably the most important leaders we have today.

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BLEEDERSHIP: Biblical First-Aid for Leaders
Jim Lange
Tate Publishing; 2005
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