Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Praying Pastor's Prayer Emphasis

Household of Faith Prayer Focus


A summary of our prayer emphasis for January and February is show below. Please pray with us as we make prayer the priority in our Church. I don’t want this to become another program event that we have done.

In Sunday School this Sunday we introduced the topic of Prayer using Chapter One of the classic How To Pray by R.A. Torrey. That chapter details 11 reasons to pray. Prayer Calendars will be distributed on Sunday. I’ll email you a copy. As things evolve, I’ll keep you posted. I am really looking forward to your ministry.

Pastor Lawrence Haskin
- - - - -
For January Our goals are:
1. 100% of membership active in prayer service and/or a prayer group,
2. Focused prayer for revival in our church
3. Train prayer partners for new members (Monica is developing a training session) and,
4. Develop evangelistic prayer teams for prayer walking and evangelism

I will be asking each member, beginning with the leaders, to commit to partnership in prayer for 40 days beginning January 18, 2004. This partnership will consist of :

1. Participate in weekly studies (Sunday School) on Prayer (Book list below)

2. Participation in a weekly corporate prayer time

3. Practice daily quiet time using “Returning to Holiness” or other devotional material for 40 days

4. Pray with your Spouse and Family

5. Participating in the Daniel fast from January 18th – February 8th

6. Attending Prayer Conference January 29-31

7. Accepting the 10-Day Daniel Challenge beginning February 19th - Demonstrate your faith in God bold way.

8. Participate in 2 Prayer walks session in Markham, Ill

See www.PrayKids@navpress.com. Kids Prayer magazine for sample magazines. You might find these useful for the children.

What God Does When Men Pray

2. What Happens When Women Pray

3. Great Prayers of the Bible

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