Friday, August 19, 2005

Need Encouragement, Pastor?

How To Encourage An Encourager
by Joe McKeever

Someone from Williams Boulevard Baptist Church in Kenner called the other
day and asked me to speak to their men's breakfast next Sunday morning on
"how to encourage a pastor." I like that assignment. I believe in
affirming these men who are called of God to do the most exciting, most
difficult work on the planet.

A few years ago when Mike Miller of Lifeway wrote a book on "Honoring the
Ministry," my church fed steaks to 125 pastors and deacons from all over
New Orleans and we brought in someone to teach that book. Encouraging
pastors is a longtime passion of mine.

Now, I've noticed something. When the Lord knows what I'm going to be
speaking on the following Sunday, He likes to help me get ready. (Ahem.)
That's why He sent Charlie and Karen Tackett to the church where I was
speaking last Sunday.

The pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Metairie, Scott Smith, was on
vacation with his family, seeing our nation's capital for the first time,
and I was filling in for him. Someone approached me just before the
service and said, "We have some missionaries here today. Could we give
them a few minutes in the service?" You bet.

Charlie Tackett told the congregation, "My wife and I are missionaries to
pastors. We go all over this nation, seeking out pastors especially of
smaller churches. Some of them feel isolated and lonely and they have no
one to talk to. When you have a problem, you call a pastor. Who does he
call? Some would say, 'He calls God.' Well, that's right, but sometimes a
pastor would like to have a sit-down with a human being. That's when we
show up. We take the pastor and his wife to a nice restaurant, and we
listen to their concerns and love them and pray for them. Our whole lives
are devoted to encouraging pastors."

All of which raises a good question: how would you go about encouraging a
minister and his wife? I know lots of ways that people have used with us
over the years, some better than others. the rest of the article @

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