Monday, August 08, 2005

Dear Pastor, What You've Been Saying About Revival...

The Pastor Got This Anonymous Letter
By Joe McKeever

"I believe what you have been saying about revival is real and needs to happen.

"Over the last few years I have realized that our church and its message has been the only thing in my life that has never failed me. And yet it's the one thing I feel I have failed. It's me that needs reviving. I can only imagine the impact a 'revived me' would have on our church and people I come in contact with everyday. It blows my mind to think what if it
happened collectively as a church.

"I don't know what it will take to revive me. I know it won't be easy. It's like the illustration you gave a few weeks ago about someone drowning and how he will fight the very person who has come to rescue him.

"Maybe it's more like an organ. When all the 'stops' are pulled out, it sounds great! My stops need to be pulled out. My greatest fear is that there isn't much music, if any, inside to come out and that I will just be broken. But I guess that's what Jesus is all about, right? He is the Music and He fills up empty and broken-down organs.

"I know I am not alone in this. Many of us need our stops pulled out. I don't know if we will do it on our own or have to pull each other's out. I have a hunch it is both.

"I know you have earned the respect and love of our church to be a 'stop-puller.' Some of us may fight you (or I should say the Holy Spirit) quietly and others vocally. Stay faithful! Those of us who end up playing music will never be able to thank you enough."

The letter ...
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