Tuesday, August 30, 2005

5 "Land Mine" Prayers for Your Protection

5 Land Mines Pastors Should Avoid
Written by Dr. James T. Draper, Jr.

LifeWay Christian Resources president Jimmy Draper identifies the following as potential trouble spots in the life of the pastor.

Perform an inventory to make sure you are not falling prey to any of these potentially damaging land mines:

1. Nepotism
This is a very sensitive area. When a minister hires his wife, siblings, children, spouses of his children, etc., it opens up some areas of concern. I believe it is inappropriate unless it comes as a demand from the church itself.

2. Co-mingling of Funds
It is unlawful and inappropriate to use designated funds for budget expenses, or in any other way taking funds intended for one purpose and using it for another.

3. Misuse of Church Credit Card
It is wrong for a pastor to use the church credit card for personal expenses or in excess of the limit the church has stipulated.

4. Misuse of Church Resources
It is wrong for a pastor to use church resources for personal projects whether on home property or any other personal endeavor. This is especially inappropriate when no reimbursement is made to the church.

5. Misuse of Pastoral Authority
It is inappropriate for a pastor to make decisions arbitrarily about new endeavors, missions, etc., without church discussion and approval. One example would be to take up offerings for unauthorized projects.

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New books which address these issues:
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