Monday, July 18, 2005

Become a Praying Pastor

Dear Fellow Pastor,

As someone who has known the struggles and joys of pastoring and the success and failures of personal prayer, I welcome you to

The motivation behind this website began several years ago when Paul Radford and the Woerner Foundation invited several national prayer leaders to meet to discuss what they considered a crisis among pastors. Too much pressure and too little prayer.

Jon Graf, founder of Pray! magazine and president of the Church Prayer Leaders Network, was a participant at that early meeting. Now, several years later, as an arm of the Church Prayer Leaders Network, we have taken a strategic step to resource struggling pastors and reduce the number of those in crisis. has been established for just that purpose.

Our aim is to provide resources and ideas to both strengthen your personal prayer life and shield you through the prayers of the saints. It is our hope you will utilize the resources and ideas posted here. But we also hope to hear from you; this site will allow you to share ideas and resources that have benefited you as well as stories and strategies of your own successes and failures.

Lord, may we each take a new step toward you in prayer, even now.

Your fellow traveler,


What We Provide
Sad but true, most pastors struggle to sustain a strong daily prayer life. We have many things calling our time--sermon preparation, the demands of a busy congregation, family needs, and for those of us who are bi-vocational, work outside the ministry just to survive. wants to be an encouragement for you. is both a website and a monthly e-magazine. The website will provide:

* resources, ideas, and practical encouragement to help in you your personal prayer life
* tips on how to motivate and mobilize your congregation toward more prayer
* guides and suggestions to get your congregation to pray for you

The monthly e-magazine will provide articles and ideas that inspire, challenge, and equip you in your desire to becoming a praying pastor. Its articles--written almost entirely by pastors--will encourage you that you are not alone in your sturggles with prayer. To see a sample issue, click here. The annual subscription price is $10. is sponsored by the Church Prayer Leaders Network.

This website is currently under construction. Over the next few weeks you will start to see it take shape as each section gets populated with material picked especially for you--a pastor who wants to grow in his or her prayer life. Keep checking the site to see what's new.

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